Administration Costs Soar

From 2014-2021, while the UA Schools Administrative Team expanded and overhead soared, the learning of UA students decreased dramatically. Our Superintendent and School Board put the emphasis on administrators.

In 2013, Upper Arlington had one Associate Superintendent.  Now there are 3 positions at that level.  The DEI Executive Director reports directly to the Superintendent and is on the same level as the Assoc. Superintendents on the Organizational Chart.  In addition, Administrative Assistants have been hired for each of those positions. At the same time, rankings have plummeted.

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Upper Arlington City Schools 2014 2019 Increase/Decrease
Number of Students 5540 5889 6%
Number of Administrators 26 39 50%
Associate Superintendents/Exec Director 1 3  (2020) 200%↑
Total Admin Salaries 2,630,265 3,904,114 48%↑
Ohio Dept Education
Performance Ranking #26 #67 41↓

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