UAHS Students Speak Out

A Senior at UA attended the October School Board meeting to share details about what is happening at the new high school.  It took courage because this student is being disparaged on social media.  You can hear her comments at minute   1:52:36.

ABC 6 did a story about it, and the School District stated only one student had complained about the bathroom situation.

Channel 10TV reached out to the student and other UA high school students agreed to be interviewed to tell their experiences with the bathrooms.  These students were brave.  They were allowed to give their stories anonymously.  After the piece aired, it was only on the 10TV website for less than 24 hours. Channel 10 removed the story even though included both sides of the story.  The District was quoted extensively.  Fortunately, another website has the piece and you can view it here.  This link is now not working.  Hopefully we can get access to it soon.