February School Board Meeting

The February School Board meeting had close to 200 people attend, and there were about 40 people who spoke.  The main topic was the DEI Executive Director’s video. It is great to see the passion of the UA community when it comes to our schools.  Thanks for coming if you were able to attend!

Below is the link to the video of the meeting if you would like to watch it.  One segment of the Community chose to wear red.  Their directed attacks of the evening were on long-time Community residents and school board members.  Unfortunately, many of these speakers, including a current UA city council member,  repeated the same lies in an apparent coordinated effort to deceive the public.  Public Participation starts at 41:13.

February 2023 School Board Meeting

If you want to listen to  those speaking to the Board about restoring Accountability, Trust and Respect for parents, here are the minutes of the meeting. Listen to them at:  41:13, 43:48, 1:06:43, 1:21:34, 1:33:54, 1:39:16, 1:48:43, 1:53:52, 1:58:56, 2:11:44, 2:49:35, 3:01:01, 3:06:24, 3:09:23

A few of the coordinated attacks and anti-Christian sentiment towards UA residents can be heard at these minutes:  49:21, 1:18:01, 2:20:34, 2:26:05, 2:36:55, 3:12:17