PETITION for Common Sense Bathrooms

Please support a CHOICE for the bathrooms!  Sign the Petition.

Petition for Choice

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For Kids. For Inclusion. For Common Sense.

Our students are failing!

Please read this article in This Week to learn how many of our high school and middle school students have failed classes due to the Hybrid and Distance Learning pathways created by our Administration.

Devastating for our children.


Questions have arisen because some are saying that the bathrooms are to Code.    The Bathrooms are not to Code. If they were, then why is the School Board  using your taxpayer dollars to sue the City of UA?

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Demand answers from the Superintendent and the Board.  Click here for Questions to ask: Questions for Superintendent

For Kids. For Inclusion. For Common Sense.


Welcome to Upper Arlington Education Coalition!

We are new group created to help the Community connect with the Upper Arlington School District!  Our slogan “Advocating Educational Excellence” sums up the reason we started the group.

We want to be informed about what is going on in the UA Schools, and we want to Advocate for the students.  We will have information about current issues impacting the schools.  In addition, you are welcome to ask questions, and we will direct you where to find your answers.  On our website you will find many links to the District and other organizations that impact education.

A linked website does not imply endorsement.

Let us know if you have questions or suggestions!

CHOICE for Common Sense Restrooms

The UA School District decided to try and change the Ohio Building Code and install ONLY Gender Neutral Bathrooms in new and renovated schools.

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As a group we advocate giving all of our children a CHOICE.  They should be able to choose a Gender Neutral Bathroom, a Boy Bathroom or a Girl Bathroom.  Adults should not be choosing where a child goes to the restroom!

We expect the School Board and the Superintendent to spend money on educating our children.  We expect transparency and integrity.


For Kids. For Inclusion. For Common Sense.

5 Days a Week

The UAEC advocates for children to have the option to be in school 5 days a week. The District offers the Online Academy for those families needing their children to stay at home.

The best place for children to learn is in school.  Please check out the “5 Days a Week” menu above or click the link here: 5 Days a Week

To learn more about the Court Case, please click on this page: 5 Days a Week Court Case

Did you know the UA School Board’s main argument in the Case was that the Ohio Constitution does not create a fundamental right to a basic minimum education?