Petition for Bathroom Choice for ALL UA Students

Please Sign the Petition and Support UA Students 

We, the undersigned, demand that the Upper Arlington School Board re-label the bathrooms, in all new and renovated buildings, according to the Architectural plans approved by the UA School Board and to Ohio Building Code; and that the City of Upper Arlington enforce these Building Codes.

We support bathroom choices where ALL children feel safe and comfortable. We demand that all the bathrooms close to academic classrooms be labeled: Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Boy Bathrooms & Girl Bathrooms

Simply put, follow the approved plans and the law.

All family members can sign and be heard!!!

Your information will only be used on the Petition.  It will not be used for any other reason. Names will be kept private.

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  • Aug-Dec  2018     Architectural Plans approved by the UA School Board include bathrooms labeled Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Boy Bathrooms & Girl Bathrooms. (All 6 schools)
  • Jan-Feb   2019      Approved Architectural Plans submitted to City of UA for 5 School Buildings. Construction begins
  • June   2020      UA School District goes to court to change Building Code for only Windermere Elementary, not the 5 Buildings nearing completion.

            Community is not informed. No public discussion during School Board meetings. No Public Record of approval.

  • June  2020                Superintendent Imhoff testifies to Ohio Board of Building Appeals that there  will NOT be a choice in bathrooms.   District wants ONLY Gender Neutral in new buildings.
  •                          Superintendent testifies the Community knows about and supports relabeling the bathrooms.


  • Oct  2020       Superintendent Blog:   Tells parents all schools have a choice. Misleading – The only schools with 3 restroom types available do not have a choice near the classrooms. Boy Bathrooms & Girl Bathrooms are located in the old part of some elementary Buildings. In the high school, the Boy Bathrooms & Girl Bathrooms are near the Gym and Auditorium, not the Academic Wing.
  • 2020     UA School Board spends more than $107,000 on lawyer fees to change the Code.  Lawyer fees continue to rise. 


  • Court rules the District must follow current Building Code.
  • The bathrooms in the Academic areas of the new buildings are ALL Gender Neutral. Boys and Girls enter the same bathroom area. Students have no choice.
  • The current bathroom labels violate Ohio Building Code.
  • The School Board is appealing the ruling. More money spent on lawyers, not education.
  • Court Hearing Pending: By signing the petition, you will let the Appellate Judges, the Superintendent, the School Board, the City Attorney, and the City Manager know that the Community wants CHOICE for all students.  The Community was not aware of the decision to change Building Code.
  • City of Upper Arlington
  • Refuses to enforce the Building Code. Schools are not in compliance.
  • City Building Department documents state that the Schools have not labeled the bathrooms to Code.


We demand Transparency& Integrity from the Superintendent, the Upper Arlington School Board, and the City of Upper Arlington.

Thank you for your support in doing what is BEST for kids and families.  The bathroom design will impact thousands of children over the next 50 years.  Adults should not dictate which bathroom a child can use.

Let your voice be heard!

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