5 Days a Week

The UAEC wants our children to have the option to be in school 5 days a week.  The District offers the Online Academy for those students who need to stay home.  The best place for children is in school.  Below are articles that explain the importance of children being in a classroom.  Please contact Superintendent Imhoff or any School Board member to let them know what your child needs.  Their contact information can be found on the menu above under “School Board.”

Ohio State study finds infections for children occur primarily outside the classroom

CDC Director says schools can open safely even if teachers are not vaccinated

North Carolina study finds extremely low rates of transmission in school

Schools Should be Among First to Open

Covid Articles – Resource Library

CDC Director – Schools not a major source of transmission

CDC shortening guidelines for quarantine

Great Barrington Declaration

Increase in depression and suicide

There is a Court Case against the UA School District to return to 5 Days a Week.  Click on this link to get some details:Court Case-5 Days

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