Superintendent Imhoff is the President  of The School Superintendents Association (AASA) for 2021-2022.   The AASA is a national organization and it has several articles and videos about Superintendent Imhoff which you can access below.    If you are interested in learning about the organization and its goals/agenda here is the website:  AASA

Is the Upper Arlington School District leadership making decisions on what is best for UA children or is it following the agenda of the AASA?

Superintendent Imhoff sounds disparaging of Upper Arlington in front of a national audience in this webinar sponsored by the AASA:  Leader to Leader:  Promoting Equity & Inclusion 2021      (Imhoff starts at minute 21:00.  It lasts 10 minutes.) 


Closing a High School Campus

In June 2018, the UA School Board voted to close lunch at the high school.  The AASA has an article applauding  Sup. Imhoff and the UA School Board members who attended the Feb. 2018 AASA Conference. After the Conference, they returned to UA with the intention of closing UAHS lunch.  Board Members  who attended the conference:  Robin Comfort, Carol  Mohr and Stacey Royer.  (All three voted to close lunch.)  Read it here: Closing a High School Campus



Imhoff Election Speech


In February 2020, Sup. Imhoff ran for President-elect of AASA.  Click photo for speech





The AASA wrote an article calling Superintendent Imhoff “bold” for adding Pleasant Litchford information in history class.  Shouldn’t the UA Community expect that when new information is discovered in UA that it would be included in history classes?  The article infers that Imhoff received pushback. Imhoff Profile – AASA Magazine


 On March 17, 2021 Imhoff was interviewed AASA for a  The Superintendent’s Podcast


Facing Pandemic Pressure


Imhoff spoke at the 2nd General Session of the AASA national conference on Friday, Feb. 19,  The article by Jay Goldman can be found here: Facing Pandemic Pressure

It starts out:  “Paul Imhoff, AASA’s incoming president, delivered a three-part agenda for his superintendent colleagues that had nothing to do with teacher and learning, racial inequity or social justice, his usual themes.”

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