Questions to ask School Board/Superintendent

There are many questions that remain unanswered about when the switch to having ONLY Gender Neutral bathrooms.

If you want to contact the Superintendent and the School Board, here are some questions that need to be answered:

  1.  Where is the public discussion by the Board members?  Where can I see the opinion and reasoning from EACH Board Member and the Superintendent?
  2. If it’s true that this was in the original plans, why did the Superintendent seek the Code Variance in 2020 when construction started in 2019?
  3. Why was the Variance only sought for Windermere?  Why not all of the other schools?
  4. If the new bathroom labels are so wonderful for the students, why was it never mentioned to families until the Superintendent’s Blog on October 16, 2020?
  5. Where are the votes approving the lawyer fees?  How much has the School District spent on lawyers fighting the Building Code?  How much more are you planning on spending? Is there a limit?
  6. The Superintendent and Board members claim that children will have a choice, but the Boy Bathrooms and Girl Bathrooms are not near the Academic Classrooms.  Ask them to explain each Building.
  7. Power Point Slide – the District has put out a slide with a young girl standing in front of an open sink.  This is the design of the new bathroom.  Nowhere in the slide does it mention Gender Neutral.  The disagreement is not with the open style bathroom.  It is with the LABELS!  Ask for documentation.
  8. Why are you framing the disagreement as a “Values” issue?  The labeling of the bathrooms has nothing to do with values.  Families want their child to choose their own bathroom. Families want ALL children to feel comfortable.
  9. Does the School District have an agreement with the City?  Why is the City not enforcing the Code?  Did the City or School District make promises about the TIF for the Community Center?
  10. Why did you not follow your normal practice when a major change is coming to the Schools?  There are usually opportunities for the families/community to participate and share opinions.  In the past, the Superintendent has held coffees to educate the Community about major changes.  Safety Town Halls and the Lunch Policy at the high school are examples.  This did not occur.

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