School Board Suing the City Again?

Is the School District planning to sue the City again over the Bathrooms?

The City Building Dept. sent the School District a UA City Inspection Notice with the list of items to be corrected for all the new schools.  Each school must “Install signage to approved plans.”  The approved plans include Common Sense bathrooms where all children have a choice.  (See the letter “UA City Inspection Notice to Schools”  to the left under Restroom Court Cases for the details.)

The District responded through their Architect and have updated the Plans to make bathrooms in the Academic Wings ONLY Gender Neutral.  In this letter, the District is now using Title IX, a Federal Law to defend the change.  Read the letter here:  Architect Response Letter

Is the District going to now sue the City in Federal Court?  Check out this page School Board Suing City Again on the menu above  for more details. Or click this link:  Another lawsuit against the City?

The questions are:  Did the School Board discuss this in a Public meeting?  How much more money is the District planning to spend?


Superintendent Imhoff and the AASA

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Superintendent Imhoff is the current President-Elect 2020-21 of The School Superintendents Association (AASA).

There are articles and videos of Imhoff on their website, and these links are provided on the AASA page.

Please watch Leader to Leader: Promoting Equity and Inclusion to see how Imhoff describes Upper Arlington to a national audience.   His ten minute talk starts at minute 21:00. Is this an accurate portrayal of Upper Arlington?

These articles and videos give the Community a glimpse into the current leadership of the School District.