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Panorama Survey – You can OPT OUT

The District is administering the Panorama Survey starting this Wednesday May 3rd to grades 3-12. You can Opt out your child for  the Social Emotional Learning survey.  Panorama is a company that sells surveys to schools.  Here is what the District says: “Survey content The survey asks your child to reflect on their own mindsets …

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Listen Learn Lead 2023

The School Board has announced two dates for Listen Learn Lead.  The format was successful last year, so the Board wants to again hear from the Community.  There are multiple opportunities on May 3rd and May 4th.  Check out the website for more details:  Listen Learn Lead Wednesday, May 3 10 a.m. at Mountview Church …

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New Administrative Hires

The new Superintendent, Dr. Robert Hunt, has hired two new individuals for UA.  Since Associate Superintendent Kathy Jenney is retiring and Associate Superintendent Andy Hatton is leaving to be Superintendent of Findlay Schools, Dr. Hunt has restructured the Administrative team.  There is now a Deputy Superintendent, a Director of Secondary Education and a Director of …

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March School Board Meeting

The March School Board meeting continued with questions about the Executive Director of DEI.  The School Board did not comment on his employment status. Here is the link to the Board meeting itself.  March School Board Meeting The speakers asking for Accountability and Trust as well as Truth can be found at these minutes: 1:02:46, …

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February School Board Meeting

The February School Board meeting had close to 200 people attend, and there were about 40 people who spoke.  The main topic was the DEI Executive Director’s video. It is great to see the passion of the UA community when it comes to our schools.  Thanks for coming if you were able to attend! Below …

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Meet the New Superintendent – Dr. Robert Hunt

Exciting news!  The UA School Board has announced the new Superintendent. Dr. Robert Hunt, PhD has been named the Superintendent of UA Schools.  Dr. Hunt is coming from Illinois, but he is originally from Ohio.  He was the Superintendent of Chagrin Falls for nine years. For more details please click here:   Superintendent Hunt The District …

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CRT Video

An undercover video from Accuracy in Media (AIM) shows Matt Boaz, the Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Upper Arlington Schools discussing how CRT is in the curriculum without parent knowledge. Video If you have a concern or questions, contact the Interim Superintendent, Kathy Jenney and the School Board at  Lori Trent, Nancy Drees, …

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Bathroom Updates – Board of Building Appeals Chastises the School District

BATHROOM UPDATE:   The UA School District won their case on Appeal.  The Appeals Court found that the Windermere family did not have standing, so the case was sent back to the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas and Judge Sheryl Munson.  Instead of ruling on the variance, Judge Munson remanded the case back to the …

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School Board Meetings

The  next few School Board meetings in 2023: February 7th at 6 pm March 7th at 6 pm April 11th at 6 pm Meetings are held at the Municipal Center in City Council Chambers. For a list of all the dates click here:  School Board Meetings 2023

Why were Brave UAHS Students Scrubbed by 10tv?

In the last post, a link was inserted so you could hear their stories.  They told the truth about what they were encountering in the new high school.  10tv chose to remove the story completely from their website.  Why? Who in the District has the power to remove a news story?  That is a question …

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UAHS Students Speak Out

A Senior at UA attended the October School Board meeting to share details about what is happening at the new high school.  It took courage because this student is being disparaged on social media.  You can hear her comments at minute   1:52:36. ABC 6 did a story about it, and the School District stated …

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Administration Costs Soar

From 2014-2021, while the UA Schools Administrative Team expanded and overhead soared, the learning of UA students decreased dramatically. Our Superintendent and School Board put the emphasis on administrators. In 2013, Upper Arlington had one Associate Superintendent.  Now there are 3 positions at that level.  The DEI Executive Director reports directly to the Superintendent and …

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Mask Exemptions

Masks are required from in all grades. There are Mask Exemptions.  If your family wants to apply for a Mask Exemption, please click on the link for directions and the reasons for an exemption:   Mask Exemption Form Any questions?  Read the District’s COVID-19 Information page: Covid Information

New Rankings Page

In 2019, Upper Arlington Schools were ranked 67th in the Ohio Performance Index.  UAEC has new spreadsheets comparing UA to other Districts around the State.  Click on the page Rankings by State of Ohio under the UA Rankings tab above for detailed information. Did you know the Gifted Program in UA is ranked  156th?  Gifted …

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UAHS Rankings – Falling numbers

The US News and World Report  has posted their high school rankings for Ohio.  UAHS had dropped to 36th. Previous rankings from US News and World Report:   #14 – 2019   & #27 – 2020 To look at UA’s rankings from the State and other organizations, please check out the menu link above:  UA Rankings As …

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PETITION for Common Sense Bathrooms

Please support a CHOICE for the bathrooms!  Sign the Petition. Petition for Choice 735 Signatures – Thank you! For Kids. For Inclusion. For Common Sense.

School Board Suing the City Again?

Is the School District planning to sue the City again over the Bathrooms? The City Building Dept. sent the School District a UA City Inspection Notice with the list of items to be corrected for all the new schools.  Each school must “Install signage to approved plans.”  The approved plans include Common Sense bathrooms where all …

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Superintendent Imhoff and the AASA

Check out our new Page on the menu above: AASA Superintendent Imhoff is the current President-Elect 2020-21 of The School Superintendents Association (AASA). There are articles and videos of Imhoff on their website, and these links are provided on the AASA page. Please watch Leader to Leader: Promoting Equity and Inclusion to see how Imhoff describes …

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CHOICE for Common Sense Restrooms

The UA School District decided to try and change the Ohio Building Code and install ONLY Gender Neutral Bathrooms in new and renovated schools. In the menu above, click on the Restrooms Information tab for all the details. As a group we advocate giving all of our children a CHOICE.  They should be able to choose a …

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Learn why the 5 Day Lawsuit still being pursued

The UAEC advocates for children to have the option to be in school 5 days a week. The District offers the Online Academy for those families needing their children to stay at home. Did you know the UA School Board’s main argument in the Case was that the Ohio Constitution does not create a fundamental …

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