School Board Approval of Architectural Plans

The UA School Board approved the Architectural Plans of each Building.  The plans were voted on as a whole.  There was not any vote specifically about the Restrooms. There is no discussion about the Bathrooms in the minutes.  When asked, the Board has pointed families to their overall vote.

Wouldn’t you expect that making a change to Building Code and a change to the bathrooms that impact EVERY child in the District would merit a public discussion and vote?  There are no public discussions by the Board.

UA High School             12/11/18     Meeting Minutes

Barrington   Elem           10/9/18      Meeting Minutes

Greensview Elem           10/9/18     Meeting Minutes

Tremont Elem                   10/9/18   Meeting Minutes

Wickliffe Elem                  8/21/18   Meeting Minutes

Windermere Elem          8/21/18   Meeting Minutes