UA Building Department Documents

After the Board approved the Architectural Plans, they were uploaded to the UA Building Department.

The UA Building Department Documents contain the original Architectural Plans for each school as well as Conditional Permits and directions for the schools.

School School Board  Architectural Plans
Approved Submmitted
UA High School 12/11/18 1/24/19
Barrington Elementary 10/9/18 2/25/19
Greensview Elementary 10/9/18 2/27/19
Tremont Elementary 10/9/18 2/27/19
Wickliffe Elementary 8/21/18 1/11/19
Windermere Elementary 8/21/18 3/11/20

If you would like to look at the original Architectural Plans submitted, please go to:

There are several steps to get to the Plans.  Please click on this PDF document with the step-by-step instructions for each school. Links to Architectural Plans


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