Backpack Bill

The Backpack Bill is House Bill 11.  The goal of the bill is to give parents/guardians the option to choose the educational model that fits the needs of their children.  It connects STATE resources to the student, so the family is getting the benefit of their tax dollars.  This will allow families to have choices in the education of their child.

If a child is attending a private school or homeschooling, they will have access to an Education Scholarship Account through the State.  The State of Ohio funds for that child can be used to pay for private schooling.  The Public schools will not have any of their property tax levy’s impacted by this bill.

If you live in Upper Arlington, your Ohio Representative is Allison Russo.  Her email address is:

 Sponsors are Rep. Riordan T. McClain & Marilyn John,  

Need a template to get started on your email:

Dear  Rep. Russo,

As my elected official, I want you to support House Bill 290 or the Backpack Bill, innovative education reform to ensure Ohio funds students, not bureaucracy.

As the academics decrease in our public schools, it is time for parents and guardians to have a choice in where to send their children to school.  Not every school fits the needs of every child.  As a taxpayer, I want my state taxes to be used to educate my child.  The Backpack Bill allows state money to be used specifically for my child.  It is a win for everyone.  The Public schools will not be spending money to educate my child if I choose to homeschool or send my child to a private school that fits our needs.  That tax money should follow my child.

It is time to put the power back in the hands of the parents and guardians.  Parents know what is best for their family.

Please support the children of the state by supporting House Bill 290.


OR if it’s to the Sponsors:

 Dear Rep. McClain and Rep. John,

            Thank you for sponsoring House Bill 290, the Backpack Bill. Thank you for supporting families and the right to choose the best educational option for our children.  It is time for state taxes to follow the child rather than the bureaucracy.  Please continue to speak up for Parents’ rights.





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