UA Quality Profile Comparisons

The District created a Quality Profile to describe the state of the UA schools.

Know the facts:
Quality Profile Yearly Comparisons Spreadsheet

 Several metrics have DECREASED in the last few years.

The UA District’s Quality Profile  

Here is the link to all Quality Profiles on the District Website:  Quality Profiles 2014-2018

The Strategic Plan 2015-2018

  •   “Performance:  All UA students attain academic excellence
  •     Personalization:    All UA students experience a personalized learning   environment to  support their success
  •  Accountability:  The UA Quality Profile provides a transparent, sensible and  reliable accountability framework
  •   Efficiency:  UA Schools manages resources efficiently and effectively
  •  Ownership:   UA Schools use clear, honest, open and interactive communication to build ownership of the    strategic plan”

These are laudable goals and the focus on the academics. 

Quality Profile Goals 2020 

UA Quality Profile 2020

2019 Strategic Plan

  • “Whole Learning:      Learning and Learning-Centered Culture.   Instructional Framework
  • Student and Staff Well Being:        Belonging  & School/Life Balance
  • Continuous Improvement:            Operational Excellence & Efficiency; Culture of Continuous Improvement”

Where are the Academics in this new Strategic Plan?

UA Strategic Plan 2019-2024



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