Board member Satiani’s attempt to change the language of the City’s Diversion Program

The City of UA has a Diversion Program for juveniles.  If they have a traffic ticket or have a minor criminal offense, the City has a Diversion Program.  Students can attend classes and perform Community service in order to not have the ticket or offense on their records.  The students must meet with the Probation officer periodically.

UA Schools has allowed the Probation officer a room at lunch time on Fridays so the students can meet with him.  It frees up their time.  The schools have allowed this for 13 years.  Board member Satiani wrote to the City Attorney, Darren Shulman, to have the language of the Memorandum changed.

When is it appropriate for a School Board member to dictate the title of a City employee or the language of a City Program?  In addition, Satiani admits that another UA resident is guiding her through her push to change the City’s program.

Please read the attached string of emails to learn more: Board Member Satiani & City Attorney Shulman Emails

Here is the Memorandum of Understanding for Creating a Collaborative Partnership