Bathroom Resolution gives all students a choice

The Board had a lengthy discussion about the Restroom Resolution during the June 9, 2023 Board Meeting.  Kathy Jenney gives a brief description/history at the 1:10:51 minute.

The Board discussion of the Bathroom Resolution begins at 1:51:33.  It is worth listening to the views of all the Board members. It was an unusual discussion as one Board member did not follow Board protocol or norms.  Board member Drees did a good job explaining Board protocol at 2:00:11, but her microphone is not working properly.  We are trying to get a written statement.

In the end, the new Resolution passed 4-1. Board Resolution

It is a win for students. All students in the elementary schools have a choice of which bathrooms to use.  The District will not make all of Windermere bathrooms Gender Neutral. The District will not be spending money or time going to court to change Ohio Building Code.  This vote allows the new Superintendent to focus on Academics.