UA Elementary Schools – Bathroom Update

During the May 11, 2021 School Board meeting, the School Board passed a Resolution explaining that they needed to follow Building Code in order to get Permanent Building Occupancy for their new Elementary Schools.   A part of the Resolution stated that the Superintendent was to immediately change Windermere to only All Gender bathrooms if they won their case on Appeal.  In addition, the Superintendent was to go to Court to sue the City of UA to apply only All Gender bathrooms in all UA elementary buildings.

The District won on Appeal.  However, the Board decided in the fall of 2022 to halt any of these changes and let the students have a year without change after the pandemic.  The District leadership is now asking to update the Resolution to keep the bathrooms as they are currently:  Gender specific and Gender Neutral.  This allows the new Superintendent and the District to focus the finances on Academics rather than legal fees.  It allows Dr. Hunt to focus his time on the schools and not the Courts.

Click here to read the full Resolution from 2021.  Item 3 is the portion to be updated: Resolution May 11, 2021

Click here to read the Resolution that will be voted on at the June 13th meeting:   Resolution June 13, 2023