Panorama Survey – You can OPT OUT

The District is administering the Panorama Survey starting this Wednesday May 3rd to grades 3-12.

You can Opt out your child for  the Social Emotional Learning survey.  Panorama is a company that sells surveys to schools.  Here is what the District says:

“Survey content

The survey asks your child to reflect on their own mindsets and approaches to learning by answering questions in the areas of self-management, social awareness, emotion regulation, supportive relationships, sense of belonging, and diversity and inclusion (grades 6-12 only). If a student doesn’t feel like they have enough information to answer a question, or doesn’t feel comfortable answering a question, they can skip the item altogether. You can preview the questions here.”

Please take time to preview the questions.

To OPT  Out your child, please contact your teacher in grades 3-5 and your child’s counselor in grades 6-12.

Here is information about Panorama:  Panorama Ed